About Ema Foo

Ema Foo provides a unique service and value proposition within the transportation industry, being lead generation to transportation service providers. Safety, efficiency and economy are the key pillars of value creation and contentment from the perspective of the passenger. These are the pillars that Ema Foo facilitates and holds drivers accountable for.


safety Safety

  • Ema Foo Services links passengers to drivers who are traceable - whose contact details and national identity data, as well as residential information is known to the company.
  • The Driver’s geo-location information is monitored and tracked by Ema Foo when the driver is logged into the Driver App and available to provide Transportation Services; and the approximate location of the driver’s vvehicle is displayed to the User before and during the provision of ttransportation sservices to such user. In addition, Ema Foo may monitor, track and share a Driver’s geo-location information obtained by the Driver App and Device for safety and security including to provide and improve Ema Foo’s products and services.
  • Once the Driver accepts a User’s request, Ema Foo’s mobile application will provide certain information about the Driver to the User, including the Driver’s first name, contact information, photo and location, and the Driver’s Vehicle’s make and license plate number.
  • Drivers shall not, contact any Users or use any User's personal data for any reason other than for the purposes of fulfilling Transportation Services.
  • Furthermore, the drivers are legally licensed to provide transportation services to the Botswana public.

efficiency Efficiency

  • With a large number of contracted drivers spread across locations, the lead time between a customer’s ride request and pick up by a driver will be minimal, certainly shorter than current market turnaround times.
  • When the Driver App is active, user requests for transportation sservices will appear to a driver via the Driver App if the Driver is available and in the vicinity of the User.
  • When a Driver accepts a user’s request, the Driver App will provide certain User Information to such Driver, including the User’s name, pickup location and destination – the user will then be notified on the estimated time of arrival.


  • Our service has been designed to be comparatively cheaper for passengers in relation to the current market offering.
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